Bleached Eyebrows for an Eye-catching Beauty Trend

Eyebrows are one of the most important facial features for defining your look. However, they can be dramatically changed with just a few simple steps, and bleaching them is one of the latest beauty trends.

It’s no secret that eyebrows can make or break a beautiful look. And for those who want to take their brow game up a notch, bleaching them may be the way to go. This eye-catching beauty trend is sure to turn heads, but it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into before taking the plunge. Here’s everything you need to know about bleach and eyebrows.

How to get the look of bleached eyebrows?

thicker eyebrowsBleached eyebrows are not a new trend. First introduced in the 90s by makeup artists, bleaching your brows is an edgy way to redefine your facial features and give yourself a more youthful look. Bleached eyebrows can also be used as a canvas for creating bold makeup. So, if you’re looking for an eye-catching beauty trend, try bleaching those brows! Here’s how:

Cleanse and exfoliate around the eyebrow area. This will help prepare the skin to absorb more bleach solution and create less irritation during application time later on down the road when removing unwanted hair from this region with tweezers or threading tools.

Add a little baking soda to your hydrogen peroxide bottle and shake well before applying directly onto the brows. This will help activate bleaching action faster than without it being mixed in first! Make sure you’re using around 15% concentration not to cause any damage when used topically on your skin (the higher concentrations can burn if applied too often or left there long enough). Follow up with an eyebrow brush dipped into some powder foundation that matches your natural lip coloration to ensure even application. Press firmly against this area until all hairs have been covered completely from root to tip for best results!

Why are people bleaching their brows?

Brows are having a moment right now. Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Cara Delevingne is rocking fuller, thicker brows. But what if you’re not blessed with naturally thick brows? Or maybe you want to change up your look for the summer? That’s where bleaching your brows comes in. Bleaching your brows can give you the appearance of fuller, thicker eyebrows without having to fill them in every day. But before you go and bleach your eyebrows, there are some things you need to know.

There are a few reasons why people might bleach their brows. Some people do it because they think it will make them look younger, while others cover up any imperfections. Whatever the reason, bleaching your brows can be a great way to improve your appearance.

If you’re thinking about bleaching your brows, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First of all, you’ll need to find a good quality product that will give you the results you want. It would help if you were careful not to overdo it – too much bleaching can damage your eyebrows and make them look unnatural.

Finally, remember that bleached eyebrows require a lot of maintenance. You’ll need to keep them looking their best by regularly bleaching and grooming them. But, if you’re willing to put in the effort, bleached eyebrows can be a great way to improve your look.

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